Social entrepreneurship

Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) is dedicated to empowering Afghans and rehabilitating the education system in Afghanistan.

AAE’s mission is to unlock the potential of young marginalized Afghans through education as a means to prepare them to fully participate in the society.

Our focus is to provide primary and secondary education for marginalized Afghans, who were deprived of education during the years of war or do not have access to formal education. 

You Can Help Build Peace through Education.

For only $1 a day, women, girls and boys are able to get an education otherwise not available to them. For an uneducated Afghan boy, the future is bleak. They can sell potatoes on the streets and be vulnerable to recruitment by extremists. Girls not in school are married young and face hardship and abuse. When you educate a mother, you help educate a community.

With your help, we build peace through education. Aid Afghanistan for Education has 13 schools in 9 provinces that provide year around, accelerated curriculum for over 3000 students. By reducing the current 72% illiteracy, hope and opportunities can change the future of Afghanistan. Over 1000 graduates, all women so far, have proven the success of our schools.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit our on-going campaign at Global Giving and donate today.Click here to take action today
  2. When you donate, share it with a friend by using the “Refer” link during the donation process. When you referral donates, you become a “Champion” donor.
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Keep the momentum going by sharing why you support this cause on your own social media and in person with your friends and family. Thank you, and leave your own legacy of peace by contributing now.