Boumi is the Farsi word for indigenous.


Boumi is a pioneer in producing high-quality home decorative artifacts in Afghanistan.


Boumi products are a blend of traditional Afghan motifs with contemporary designs.


Boumi illustrates the harmony within the Afghan culture through combining different designs and techniques of embroidery from various regions of Afghanistan.


Boumi is a social entrepreneurship promoting and supporting education.

Social Entrepreneurship

Boumi is a business, a philosophy, and a movement to bring peace through employment.

“Boumi is the producer of fine home essential products combining tradition, modernity, and art in its aesthetic pieces.”

“Boumi is distinguished from other products in the region by its wholly unique blend of traditional Afghan indigenous (Boumi) designs with contemporary trends. Using raw materials from Afghanistan, Boumi incorporates aspects of Afghan culture and history into many of its products, thereby giving a distinctive flavor to that which is Boumi.”